Secure Neighborhoods

Increasing police visibility not only deters crime, but also improves the community's perception of safety.  Both play a vital role in stabilizing Atlanta neighborhoods and creating a safer place to live.

The goal of the Secure Neighborhoods Initiative is to improve public safety by engaging police with Atlanta communities through housing opportunities. The program offers sworn police officers—who are committed to living in the communities they protect and serve—affordable options, incentives to stay and clear pathways to homeownership. As individuals from the police force become pillars of their communities, it increases the neighborhood's stability, capacity and overall security.

 Citywide Cash Incentive

APF launched the Citywide Cash Incentive in January 2011 to increase the visibility of Atlanta police officers in the city. The APF provides monetary incentives for APD officers to live within the city limits. Renters and owners are equally eligible for a one-time $1000 bonus. APF has partnered with the following neighborhood organizations who have contributed additional funds for officers in their areas:

  • Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) Relocation and Retention
  • Midtown Improvement District (MID)
  • Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID)
  • Buckhead Coalition

Thanks to the support of donors, partners and community stakeholders, the program has funded nearly $40,000 in relocation bonus incentives in 2014 so far and engaged more than 55 officers to participate in the program and live in the city. 

APD: To apply for your one-time bonus, please complete the application on the right-hand side of this page. Program details are described in the Terms and Conditions.

Pathways to Homeownership

Learning from existing public servant and affordable housing programs administered by the City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development and Invest Atlanta, we have developed pathways to homeownership for the men and women of the Atlanta Police Department (APD).

In partnership with the City of Atlanta Office of Housing (OOH), the Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority and Invest Atlanta, the Atlanta Police Foundation acquires and rehabilitates homes in target neighborhoods throughout the city. Once renovated, the homes are sold to eligible APD officers.  Participating officers will be eligible for down payment and equity incentives to purchase the home, along with monthly cash grants in exchange for their engagement in the communities in which they live.

Recruit Housing

The next phase of the Secure Neighborhoods Initiative involves identifying housing for new police recruits. Check back later this year for updates.

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