Strategic Initiatives

2010 Strategic Initiatives have been instrumental in presenting the case to city leaders that we not only need a larger police force, but that we must successfully promote leadership, accountability and reduce attrition at the Atlanta Police Department.  In February of 2010 the Atlanta Police Foundation issued a compilation of reports, research and recommendations to the new Mayoral administration.  The reports provided clear action items designed to create a safer city through various recommendations.  The Mayor and his administration took notice and not only successfully passed a pay raise for officers, but added an additional 100 police officers in the 2011 budget.  In January 2011 the Foundation will issue another annual report to the Administration with recommendations supported by various research projects currently under way.

In 2009 the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) continued providing valuable research for the strategic planning and development of the Atlanta Police Department. An Attrition report was completed for the department comparing the attrition levels of APD to other major cities.  This research is crucial in not only setting recruitment goals, but also helps to identify measures to keep current officers on the force ultimately reducing training costs.

Also in 2009 the Foundation published a report titled: – Police Force Strength: A Major City Comparison – which compares the police staffing levels in Atlanta with other major cities.  The report finds that Atlanta is well below the average of officers per square mile and officers per 100,000 residents when compared to other major U.S. Cities. The APF also completed the Atlanta Police Department Administrative and Operational Services Review.  This study was completed with help from a team from the Southern Company.  The team surveyed the processes and employees in several units then provided valuable information on how APD can streamline and become more efficient ultimately placing more officers on the streets and reducing crime.  In the wake of the Neal Street Shooting the APF and APD contacted the Bureau of Justice Assistance to review  APD’s narcotics training program.  The review was favorable of APD and provided an outline of recommended curriculum for the academics in future narcotics training.

Earlier in 2008 the APF coordinated an FBI/GBI audit of the APD crime reporting.  The APD received high marks for their crime reporting process. In 2008 the APF completed a report, Four Years Later: A Status Review of the Atlanta Police Department’s Implementation of the Linder Plan of Action  to provided an update on the progress APD has made in implementation of the 2004 Linder recommendations.

For information on these reports please contact Grant Hawkins at 404.586.0180

Completed Strategic Initiatives

Atlanta Crime Stats 2002-2010 - This report compares the reduction in crime from 2002 through 2010. 

Public Safety First: An Attrition Study of the Atlanta Police Department - The attrition study of the Atlanta Police Department identifies the attrition issues within the department and provides recommendations to reduce the attrition levels within APD.

Police Force Strength: A Major City Comparison -- Recommendations for the City of Atlanta - Does Atlanta have enough police officers? this report compares the number of police officers in  Atlanta to other large cities based on population, square miles and most dangerous city ranking.

Atlanta Police Department Administrative and Operational Services Review - Having an efficient police department is crucial for public safety.  This study outlines areas in which APD can increase efficiencies throughout the Administrative and Operational Services units.

Fragile Momentum: A Plan of Action for Rebuilding the Atlanta Police Department to Help Secure Atlanta's position as the Capital of the New South *

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in conjunction with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), conduct a Quality Assurance Review (QAR) of the APD Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data *

Assessment of the Training Needs of the Atlanta Police Department Criminal Investigation Unit SES Unit Narcotics Unit *


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